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Couple weight

This is an example of what NOT to do...
This is an example of what NOT to do...

One oft-experienced downside to dating someone is gaining weight. This phenomenon, affectionately dubbed "couple weight" seems to occur for a grand majority of people that are in relationships. Part of the reason is that when you are already dating someone you don't have the same pressure of going out and trying to meet someone. Essentially, the thought is that you are already in a relationship, so what does it matter what you look like? This is obviously not a good approach to your life-but nonetheless, it is practiced by many.

Another reason that you may gain weght as you start dating someone is that 'going out to dinner' is one of the most popular dates around the world. It has always been and it always will be. As women, when we eat with our girlfriends (especially ones who may be better at portion control than we are!) we tend to eat less than when we are with a man. After all, how can he think that you are eating a lot when he's packing it away? Impossible!

After the initial dates of going out to eat, couples often find that they grow increasingly comfortable with one another. This comfort can sometimes lead to sedentary lifestyles. When you think back to being single, you were probably playing sports, working out with the girls, or at the very least going out dancing! When you're dating someone and want to spend more and more time with them, these other activities get put on the back burner. There are different reasons that you spend less and less time doing each of them, but the results tend to be the same. The combination of less exercise and more food has bad results for our waistlines and other areas.

Especially if you've been in a relationship for a long time, you may not even realize that you look different than you did when you began it. If you have the type of partner that you deserve, they love you just the same. This doesn't mean that its okay to gain weight, but it is nice to realize that the person you are in a relationship with will love you the same no matter what. The best thing to do, for yourselves and each other, is to start being active. If you are together all the time, find things that you both like that are good exercise. Join a sports team, a local league, go walking and talk about your day, do an exercise dvd together. It doesn't matter what you do-just get moving!