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Couple twins triplets: Huge blessings in small amount of time

A couple have triplets then twins.
A couple have triplets then twins.
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A couple twins triplets story is best described in those three words. After a Andy and Sarah adopted triplets, they discovered they were having their own babies as well, Parentdish reports Feb. 26.

IVF treatment would have cost the Justices up to $60,000. They were unsuccessful at conceiving and desperately wanted children. So, the couple decided to adopt. An expectant mother wound up being pregnant with triplets, but Andy and Sarah figured that meant they would not have to adopt again with all three coming at the same time.

The triplets were born prematurely and while the infants were still in intensive care, Sarah discovered she was pregnant -- with twins!

"No, really, we were very happy. Did we panic a little? Of course. But we were very happy," Sarah told a Tulsa newspaper.

By the time the couple had twins, the triplets were eight months old.

Andy logically believes that after adopting the triplets, stress was alleviated and that is why Sarah got pregnant.

"Maybe it's all connected," he said.

Andy and Sarah get help from their community having five children that are all babies right now. Their church makes meals for them and a lot of diapers are donated.

With so many blessings at once, it can be overwhelming for any parent! Amazing how a couple winds up with twins and triplets within months of each other. What a busy life they will have from here on out.

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