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Couple treaded water 14 hours: Endured jellyfish fish bites, overboard nightmare

Couple rescued after 14 hours of treading water. Their boat, which was in gear, sped away leaving them in the water.
Couple rescued after 14 hours of treading water. Their boat, which was in gear, sped away leaving them in the water.

A couple who fell off their boat while it was still in gear could only watch as it drove itself away from them. The couple was in the water nearly 14 hours and had drifted 70 miles when a boat with a group of buddies who were out fishing happened by and plucked them out of the water off Key Largo, Fla., according to NewsOxy on June 23.

Sean McGovern, 50, and Melissa Morris, 52, weren’t wearing life jackets and they treaded water to stay alive. The group of men that found the couple happened to be off-duty police detectives and an off-duty firefighter out for a day of fishing. One of men also had their father-in-law with them.

When the group of friends saw something splashing in the distance, they went to investigate and there they found these two people. They were shocked to see folks out in the water, far from shore without a raft or even a life jacket between them.

The men pulled the couple on board and checked them out, finding only minor hypothermia and jelly fish stings. They called the Coast Guard who met the boat and took the couple on board.

The couple was exhausted after spending the overnight hours treading water on the high seas off the Florida Keys. When the couple fell from the boat, the boat was in gear and just moved along like it was on autopilot. They couldn’t do a thing but watch it disappear into the horizon.

According to the Christian Post today, the men on the boat who rescued the couple said Morris couldn’t move by the time they hauled her into the boat. They estimate another 30 minutes to an hour was about all the couple would have lasted.

McGovern, who was in a white t-shirt when he went overboard, was trying to wave down boats in the horizon using his t-shirt like a flag. The rescuers said that they were amazed this couple lasted that long in the water, especially after seeing how exhausted they were when they pulled the couple into their boat.

The couple's empty boat was found washed up on a Fort Lauderdale beach on Saturday afternoon. The couple had fallen from the boat on Friday night and their rescuers happened along at about 8 a.m. on Saturday morning.

There’s no explanation offered as to how both of these folks fell off the boat at once unless one fell overboard first and the other one fell while trying to help. However the event unrolled, this must have been one anxiety provoking day and night for the couple.

Can you imagine being in the water and your boat just drives away from you and there’s nothing you can do? The waters off the Florida Keys are home to sharks, so the couple was lucky that it was only the jelly fish that they came across.

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