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Couple's twins, triplets shocker: Couple adds 5 kids in 9 months

Premature babies sleep in their cots in the children's and maternity ward at the Eastern Visayas Medical Centre
Premature babies sleep in their cots in the children's and maternity ward at the Eastern Visayas Medical Centre
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

A couple's twins and triplets story is one for the books. First, Sarah and Andy Justice's adoption took a turn and then eight months later, the Oklahoma couple had triplets of their own after struggling to get pregnant and realizing IVF (in-vitro fertilization) was out of the question, citing a Feb. 25 Mail Online report.

The couple's baby odyssey began nine months ago when they learned the birth mom of the infant they were adopting had two more in the oven.

The Justice's, married for nearly four years, were resigned to the possibility that they could not bear children of their own together. With that in mind, they welcomed the triplets and went forth with the adoption. Besides, the cost was between $30,000 and $60,000 – too rich for their pockets -- but the success rate was only 10 percent. What is more, the process of acquiring birth moms was not going as smoothly as planned.

Lo and behold, even while the newborns were still in the neonatal unit, Sarah got another shocker: she was pregnant with twins. Imagine that?

Wow! This is great" It's everything we wanted," Sarah said, on the news that she would have babies, albeit not biologically.

The couple's adopted triplets were born prematurely, some two months early. Then, Sarah learns she's pregnant and having twins. The surprise was overwhelming. After all, she was already getting three children -- unless she backed out -- and two more could be a burden to Sarah and husband.

However, it was no backing down; they would go through with the adoption and enjoy the blessings of five new family members. It was five for the "price" of one.

We wouldn't give up these babies for anything," Sarah said of her new family.

Besides, maybe it’s all connected," added Andy.

With the couple having twins and triplets in their modest ranch-style Oklahoma home, caring for them would be a task. Sarah says the children soil about 50 diapers daily, which amounts to a whopping 300 weekly.

Luckily, the community has stepped in and provided generous support for the Justices. Eastland Baptist Church has been very instrumental in keeping the entire family fed with home-cooked meals.

As Hillary Clinton famously said, "It takes a village."

Couple, twins, triplets...oh my!


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