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'Couple's Therapy' recap: Farrah Abraham's mother didn't allow abortion

On the last episode of "Couple's Therapy" fans learned that Farrah's mother didn't allow her to get an abortion.
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

On Feb 21 Jezebel recaps this week's episode of "Couple's Therapy" that welcomed Deborah Danielson, Farrah Abraham's mother, to the show to help Farrah get through some of her issues.

After what fans saw, many of them have a much better understanding of why Farrah seems so disconnected with reality and why it is that she spends so much time selling herself to everyone. Her mother puts on a good show and almost makes many of Farrah's actions almost seem justifiable.

One of the biggest secrets that Farrah has been hanging onto was revealed while her mother was on the show. When Farrah found out she was pregnant, she wanted an abortion. Her mother forbade her from getting one and supported her teen pregnancy despite calling her a whore and other out-of-line names.

The way that Deborah reacted toward Farrah's teen pregnancy was a pivotal moment for her emotionally and practically. Farrah has always seemingly spent little time with her daughter, and it stands to reason, that likely could be due to the fact that she is either resentful of the fact that she has a child and she didn't want one, or because she is trying to relive that life that she missed out on because she was forced to have a child she didn't want.

What do you think if Farrah's revelation on this week's episode of "Couple's Therapy?"

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