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Couple plunges to death in front of their kids while taking selfie on a cliff

A couple plunged to their death while trying to take a selfie on a cliff.
A couple plunged to their death while trying to take a selfie on a cliff.
Paula Gill

A couple was trying to take a selfie on a cliff-side in Cabo da Roca in West Portugal, but it ended fatally for them. USA Today reported on Aug. 11, 2014, that the couple got too close to the edge of the cliff and ended up falling off the side and plunging hundreds of feet to their death. All of this happened right in front of the eyes of their young children.

They were a Polish couple who were simply trying to get a keepsake photo from their trip, but it just turned bad.

WBTW states that the accident happened as their five- and six-year-old children sat by and watched. Both children were handed over to Polish diplomats and are currently undergoing psychiatric care and evaluations.

Reports are saying that the couple, whose names were not released, may have been well past a safety barrier on the cliff in Cabo da Roca. It is believed they did this to get as close to the cliff-side as possible so that they could take the selfie.

The couple was said to have simply stepped back too far and plunged to their deaths while trying to take the selfie.

The cliff's edge and lighthouse are a very popular spot in Portugal and actually in all of Europe. A little bit of searching shows dozens upon dozens of pictures of people at the edge of the cliff in Cabo da Roca. It is obvious that they are all past the safety railings.

Monika Dulian, from Poland's counsel in Lisbon, stated that the family had lived in Portugal for several years.

The accident actually happened over the weekend on Saturday during the day. Due to the rising tide, it was impossible for emergency crews to get down the cliff and had to wait until Sunday to recover the bodies.

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