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Couple passed out on drugs in running car with kids sweating in backseat

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ABC News reported on May 2 that a couple from Bradenton, Fla. was arrested and charged with child neglect and drug possession after deputies with the Manatee County Sheriff's Office discovered them passed out in their car at a Bradenton movie theater parking lot Thursday evening. Their car was running. The two children were “in the back seat sweating.” Deputies found a hypodermic needle and cocaine in the couple’s car.

Brandy Joule, 32, and Brian Emery, 31, were charged with DUI, Child Neglect, Possession of Rock Cocaine and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. The children were placed into the care of Child Protective Services.

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper was the first informed about the couple passed out in the car by witnesses in the area. When the trooper arrived at the couple’s vehicle, he saw the children in the backseat and “then struggled to wake up Joule and Emery,” according to a May 3 report from The Bradenton Herald.

When Emery and Joule were finally rousted into consciousness, deputies reported that they were both “acting nervously as they shuffled around things in their car and appeared to be severely impaired.” Deputies also noticed track marks on Joule’s arm. Joule was in the driver’s seat at the time. Deputies also said that Joule “had very slow, slurred speech and was dry mouthed. She was swaying as well." Joule also failed a field sobriety test.

The report from the deputies stated that the car “smelled of urine, but both parents told deputies that it was spilled juice.” One deputy wrote:

"I discovered several uncapped needles within reach of the children and the car was messy. There were dirty diapers underneath the child's seat, trash and old food strewn all over the floor and (the child)'s car seat was soaking wet."

As of yesterday, Joule was being held without bond and hospitalized. When emergency medical personnel arrived on the scene to check out the couple, paramedics said that Joule’s “vitals were inconsistent,” and transported her to the local hospital.

"Although she denied using drugs, she later made the spontaneous statement that she had taken Xanax and Tylenol PM," the deputy wrote. "She did not appear to be able to properly care for her small children."

"Brian was falling asleep standing up, swaying and had extremely slurred speech," another deputy wrote in an arrest report. "I observed multiple needle marks to both of his arms that EMS confirmed were both fresh needle pricks and old needle pricks."

On Friday, Emery appeared in a Manatee County courtroom before Judge Peter Dubensky who set Emery’s bail at $7,000. As it turns out, Emery and Joule are not strangers to the justice system.

Emery has been previously convicted in Manatee County for possession of a controlled substance, possessing and selling marijuana, shoplifting, felony petty theft, resisting arrest, violation of repeat violence injunction, sale or delivery of a Oxycodone and being a fugitive from Georgia. Also in Manatee County, Joule has had previously been convicted of possession of Alprazolam, petty theft and resisting arrest. Outside of Manatee County she had previously been charged with violation of probation, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of cannabis and possession of marijuana.