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Couple-of-the-year arrested for locking 7-year-old in outdoor cage

7-year-old forced to live in outdoor Wyoming cage
7-year-old forced to live in outdoor Wyoming cage

Tomorrow, Aug. 6, a preliminary hearing will take place in the Wyoming District Court, when officials will seek felony charges against a mother and her boyfriend who have been accused of keeping a 7-year-old caged outdoors since July. The abuse was allegedly reported to police multiple times. Police finally found evidence to search the property and investigate the home. After they arrived they found a shocking makeshift cage, where the child was forced to use buckets as a restroom.

According to The Laramie Boomerang, “deputies found a cage,” six feet by five feet, created out of commingled parts from “cattle paneling and wooden snow fence.” Don’t worry, at least the (sick-in-the-head) couple made sure to give the child a roof, by using “plywood” to cover an upper portion of the cage. However, the care surpasses the former, the two were kind enough to embrace outdoor-parenting by apparently allowing “a cot,” reading material, essential teeth care items, and “a five-gallon bucket,” as indicated in the court documents.

Why didn’t the child just simply give up the good life and walk away, or better yet turn in their mother and the cray-cray boyfriend? Apparently the deranged couple opted for a dog-like-tie-out chain, which locked the child in the cage. Reports indicate the child had to stay in the cage when Alexander Smith, the boyfriend stayed at the home, but sometimes the mother, Jena Harman would let the child out when Smith left. The couple-of-the-year, (more like F-listers for worst parenting of the year) told police, the child had been given at least one meal a day.

The child told investigators, Harman and Smith forced she/he to live in the cage during stormy weather.

Smith, an on and off truck driver, shared with authorities that although he didn’t care for the child, Smith told police that “the cage was originally built for the dog and that the child had followed the dog into the structure "and seemed to like the cage," according to

The couple were arrested for locking in the 7-year-old in an outdoor cage for more than three months, and could be facing up to 40 years in prison on multiple felony charges for child endangerment, and restraint charges. Good, the two will finally have their own cage.

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