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Couple Krimson Tyde backlash: Alabama couple shocks with Krimson Tyde baby name

Baby Krimson Tyde
Baby Krimson Tyde

A couple is feeling Krimson Tyde backlash after choosing the unusual name for their newborn son. On Jan. 2, Opposing Views reported that an Alabama couple decided to name their son after their favorite football team, the Alabama Crimson Tide. They tweeted a photo of their newborn son with his name and backlash ensued immediately -- in fact, it's still going. Hundreds of Twitter users ridiculed the couple and made fun of the name they chose for their baby boy.

"I would despise my parents if they named me Krimson Tyde," one tweeter wrote (via Opposing Views). And, as you can imagine, that was one of the nicer things written about the couple's baby name choice.

The couple faced the Krimson Tyde backlash with help from many supporters. While some people thought the name was utterly foolish, there were quite a few people who liked the name and supported the couple -- especially people who chose similar names for their own children.

"I hate that they're having to go through that and hear a bunch of crap. You should be able to name your young'un what you want," said father Shane Broadhurst. His children are named Crimson Tide and Alliegh Bama. Choosing such a name and broadcasting it publicly on social media is sure to get reactions of all kinds but you can bet the couple never expected the name they chose for their baby to go viral.

Did the couple deserve the backlash for the name Krimson Tyde? What do you make of all this?

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