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Couple having sex in car dies from carbon monoxide poisoning

Garage Door
Garage Door
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In shocking news, a couple died while having sex in a car. They were not smart about it and ended up getting carbon monoxide poisoning. On Feb. 3, The Stir shared about this couple that lost their lives.

This happened in Pennsylvania. The couple pulled into a garage, shut the door, and started to have sex. They left the car running more than likely so that they could stay warm. There was even a kerosene heater turned on in the garage. Keith Payton and Salina Johnson were both 40 years old at their time of death.

By the time they were found the car was out of gas, but that didn't keep them from dying. The car was still turned on. Drugs were also found at the scene so this might help explain why they weren't thinking straight.

This is not the first time that someone has died on accident from carbon monoxide poisoning. It is best that people remember to turn their car off once they are inside anywhere. Someone even died last year stuck in the snow because the snow covered up the exhaust pipe.