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Couple has sex in cab, refuses to pay for ride

A couple had sex in the backseat of a cab while on their ride home and when they arrived at their destination, they refused to pay the cab fare! Andrew Vukovich, 27, and Stefanie Herringer, 31 were picked up by a cab in Illinois and got nearly naked in the backseat. According to a video report from HuffPost Live, the couple refused to pay the $83 fare after the 40-minute ride. The cab driver promptly called police.

According to the report, police say that they "encountered an exasperated driver, two intoxicated, incoherent passengers and clothing 'strewn throughout the taxi.'" It is unclear why the couple didn't think they should have to pay.

Vukovich ended up using his mother's credit card to pay the fare. The police took Herringer to the station where she was later picked up by her brother. No charges were filed. Check out the video above for more on this bizarre story.

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