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Couple gets racial slur on valet ticket

Candea and Sam Aarons
Candea and Sam Aarons

A couple from Georgia had a less than ideal start to the new year when they left a restaurant with a valet ticket that had a racial slur on it.

ABC reported that Candea and Sam Aarons dined at Spondivits in East Point on Jan. 1. When they retrieved the keys to their car, they found the phrase ‘jungle fever’ written on the valet tag. The phrase is a slur directed at interracial couples.

The couple did not report any unusual interaction with the valet. However, they contacted the restaurant and the valet company, APS Valet.

"It was the shock of it all, it was so upsetting to us," Candea said.

The owner of APS informed the Aarons that the valet was fired and offered them a gift certificate for the restaurant. The couple turned the offer down.

"Spondivits will not tolerate racial speak by employees or customers on our property. We are known for our racial diversity," wrote Glenn Gagne, chef and overseer of Spondivits, on Facebook.

Gagne added that valets often write details of customers, such as what jacket they are wearing, in order to remember what the owner of a car looks like.

"This valet wrote an unacceptable description on this customer's ticket, but it was not him trying to send a racist message to the customers," he stated. "He just has poor taste and this cost him his job."

The Aarons, however, expressed disappointment that the restaurant did not offer any further apology for the incident.

"You can't just do things or say things people and think there are no repercussions behind it," said Candea.

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