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Couple found in hotel: New details released in tragic death of NY couple

Family and friends of couple found dead in hotel room speak out.
Family and friends of couple found dead in hotel room speak out.
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A couple found dead in a hotel room on Staten Island over the weekend is making news this week. Their death has shocked their family and friends, and they have shared new details about the couple. Scott Jacobi and Theresa Mateo started their stay at the Hilton Garden Inn last Wednesday. There were no outward signs of trouble for the couple during their stay, but hotel staff found the couple laying together in each other's arms in bed on Saturday morning. DbTechno shared more details about the couple's death on July 28.

Hotel staff entered the room on Friday morning after the couple missed their Friday checkout time. The couple showed up on hotel video footage on Thursday night, so their death happened between 10 p.m. that night and Friday at noon. A housekeeper found the couple fully clothed on the bed, and she revealed more about the scene in the room to others on the staff. There were no signs of weapons or struggle in the room. The couple laid in bed together. An employee of the hotel revealed the following:

"The housekeeper went in and they were just lying in bed together. There was no blood, nothing like that, no signs that weapons were used. It’s really sad. They were in their mid-thirties. That’s young. Thank God we found them quick."

Hotel staff called the paramedics. After the EMT's arrived on scene, they pronounced the couple dead. The New York Medical Examiner's office is investigating the death of the couple, but it is reported that an overdose was the cause of death for both victims, according to Gothamist. That has not been confirmed officially though.

This dual suicide has shocked all that knew the young couple. Family and friends of Scott and Theresa revealed that the couple did have a run of bad luck during their relationship. Theresa's bad luck went back further than that. Her mother revealed that Theresa was depressed because of her last relationship. She told her mother that she was not able to find a good man. Another relative revealed that the couple had a suicide pact. Theresa's brother, Tom Miressi, did release a statement about his sister's death. He said the following, according to Christian Post:

"My family and I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and sympathies during this tragic time. I am at a loss for words and I'm sorry I cannot answer everyone's texts, phone calls, and emails right away. My family and I are finalizing the arrangements and trying to get back to everyone as best we can."

As for Scott Jacobi, one neighbor spoke fondly about him once she learned about his death. She considered him a son. Terry Delre lived next door to Scott for six years. She said the following about him:

"He was such a good guy. He was such a sweetheart . . . I called him my second son. Clean cut, hardworking, no wild parties, no nothing. I never once seen that boy drunk."

She cannot believe he committed suicide. This is the consensus among those that knew the young couple. Neither was over the age of 40, and some might say their lives were still beginning. Two families have lost this couple. The police are still investigating their deaths, so more details might be revealed as time passes.

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