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Couple found in hotel: Lovers die cradling one another, was foul play involved?

Theresa Mateo

A couple found dead in a hotel last Friday is raising more questions than answers and authorities are still waiting on autopsy results to shed more light on the mysterious deaths. According to a July 27 NY Daily News report, a hotel employee found the dead bodies of Theresa Mateo, 34 and Scott Jacobi, 37, in a Staten Island hotel room on July 25.

Reportedly, the housekeeper discovered the couple while checking on them after they failed to check out of the Hilton Garden Inn on time. “The housekeeper went in and they were just lying in bed together. There was no blood, nothing like that, no signs that weapons were used,” a hotel staff member told The Post.

“It’s really sad. They were in their mid-thirties. That’s young,” the worker expressed. “Thank God we found them quick.” The hotel employee, who chose to remain anonymous, said they were fully clothed and were cradling one another.

"They were having a run of bad luck,” a relative of Scott Jacobi’s told reporters. The relative did not go into great detail on the couple’s misfortune, but he stated that he believes they had a suicide pact. It was also said that the lovers, who had been dating for about 8 months, were in the midst of a rocky patch in their relationship.

Although police can't yet confirm how the couple died until autopsy results come back, they say suicide by drug overdose is a likely cause of death. Authorities said there were no signs of foul play but an investigation into the case is currently underway. Be sure to return to this column for further updates on this tragic story.

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