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Couple found in hotel embracing each other after double suicide

wikimedia commons

A couple was found inside a hotel embracing each other after what appeared to be a double suicide. On Sunday, Inquistr shared about what happened and what was found inside of this hotel. They had a run of bad luck and then they were later found dead. It looks like they both overdosed on drugs. They were found lying in each other's arms like they held onto each other while they died. Scott Jacobi and Theresa Mateo were not married.

New York Daily News shared a bit more information about this couple. One neighbor spoke out that the couple had been having a rocky patch. The medical examiner will need to check the bodies and make sure this is what happened, but it does look like a double suicide. Theresa had told the neighbor that she didn't feel like she could find the right man even though she was dating Scott.

There were several knocks on the door before they realize that they were not going to answer. They were found on the bed, fully clothed and holding onto each other. The police had to be called to the scene so that they could check into what actually happened.

Theresa's mom spoke out saying she was shocked her baby was gone. She even said that her daughter had a rough break up with someone a few months ago before starting to date Scott Jacobi. She said that this is the reason that her daughter was so depressed.

Most of the time if you hear about a big double suicide it isn't sweet like this one. It is either a murder and then a suicide or it is a gruesome crime scene. There was nothing gruesome about this one though. Instead this couple was holding each other as they died. There will be more information coming out soon as the autopsy is done on the two bodies.

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