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Couple found in hotel dead in each other's arms: Suicide pact suggests relative

Couple found dead of apparent suicide pact in room 401 of the Staten Island Hilton.

A couple found dead in a Staten Island hotel room cradling each other in their arms is believed to be the result of a suicide pact between the two. In what sounds like a Shakespearean romantic tragedy, Scott Jacobi, 37, and Theresa Mateo, 34, ended their lives together after what relatives are calling "a run of bad luck," according to The New York Daily News on July 27.

Jacobi and Mateo had only been dating about eight months, but a run of bad luck really got them down, said on relative of Jacobi, who did not want to be identified. What that bad luck entailed is not known today.

The New York Post reports that the couple were found "lovingly wrapped in each other's arms in bed." Their bodies were discovered by staff of the hotel who went in to check on them after they didn't check out.

The housekeeper at the hotel said there was no weapons or blood, or anything like that, just a peaceful looking couple in each others' arms. A neighbor of Jacobi's said that he was a "happy, hardworking guy."

People who knew the couple would have never suspected that this would happen. The couple died in room 401 and they did not leave a suicide note. It was reported earlier that a suicide note was found, but police report that there was no suicide note in the hotel room.

While this is an apparent double suicide, the official cause of the couple's death won't be known until after the autopsies are completed. The couple may have committed suicide with an overdose of heroin, but further tests need to be done before the official cause of death is released.

It was a little before 1 p.m. on Friday when the two were found in room 401 of the South Ave. Hilton Garden Hotel dead. It was Jacobi's unidentified relative who said they believed the couple had a suicide pact. Mateo's neighbors on the other hand believed that the couple had "hit a rocky patch" in their relationship."

One of Mateo's neighbors, who also wished not to be identified, said that Theresa said to her that "I can't find the right guy." Linda Mateo, Theresa's mother was inconsolable on Saturday.

She said to neighbors that she "can't believe her baby is gone." The mother was dressed all in black mourning the death of her daughter.

Mateo's mother blamed an ex-boyfriend of her daughters for causing her to fall into a deep depression after he broke up with her. This was Mateo's boyfriend before she started to date Jacobi. The ex-boyfriend had parted ways with Mateo a few months before she met Jacobi.

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