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Couple falls off cliff: Parents plummet 450-feet to their death, kids watch

A couple tried snapping a selfie at the top of a cliff, but badly misjudged and fell off it. The Mirror reports that on Saturday a Polish couple went to Cabo da Roca, which is the west coast of Portugal. The pair wanted a picture of them with their children, but they were too close to the edge of a cliff they were standing on. When they lost their footing and fell 450-feet below, their horrified children witnessed the whole tragedy.

Recovery efforts Saturday night were temporarily halted since weather on the Atlantic Ocean were making conditions difficult for searchers. As Washington Post reports, the bodies were recovered on Sunday.

MSN offered a little more on the uncommon tragedy.

"They were traumatized. It is the kind of thing they will never forget," a security guard says.

The report adds that the couple were in their 40s. A Spanish couple were nearby when the couple's fall happened. They managed to move the kids quickly to safety.

Portuguese authorities are investigating the incident, but believe the couple were seeking a family photo, they fell off the cliff instead. Authorities alos think the family used a path that's located between a lighthouse and the cliff edge. Apparently local fire officials are urging its removal. This incident might push that to be a reality.

"The paths encourage people. Tourists think they must lead somewhere. They climb the fences—not thinking that they have been erected to protect people's lives—and then terrible things like this happen," an official reveals.

The couple's children are ages 5 and 6. According to the report, they're both in the care of Polish diplomats and are being counseled by psychologists after disturbing event.

For the children to see such a terrible thing happen to their parents is catastrophic.

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