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Couple falls off cliff, die taking selfie: Their 2 kids pulled from cliff's edge

A bizarre accident ended a couple’s life as their two young children stood by horrified and not knowing what to do when their parents vanished off the edge of a cliff. A Polish couple visiting Portugal wanted the ultimate tourist picture, which was a snap shot of their family of four as they stood at the edge of a cliff overlooking the vast Atlantic ocean, according to MSN News on Aug. 12.

Couple falls off cliff to their death taking a selfie. They had their two small children with them who were devastated after watching this horrific tragedy.
Photo by Handout

The tourist couple and their children, ages five and six, got the camera ready and climbed over a short fence to the cliff’s edge. As they were taking a “selfie,” the couple tumbled over the cliff to their death, reports the New York Daily News today.

This horrific tragedy was witnessed by a couple, who were Spanish tourists. Their horror was coupled by seeing the children who were now on the edge of the cliff by themselves and looking over the edge to see where their parent’s had gone. They were able to pull the two small children away from the cliff before they could fall.

The local authorities were alerted and a search and recovery party was sent out the next day to find the parents. The weather turned inclement shortly after their fall, so for the safety of the recovery party, the search was delayed.

The bodies of the parents, who are believed to be in their 40s, were found about 450-feet below the cliff in the Atlantic Ocean. It is not as if the parents deliberately put the family in harm’s way, as authorities believed they took a path that weaves along the cliff. The small fence is there to keep people away from the cliff, but the path has enticed many tourists in the past.

The path looks as if it is there to walk on, but it is not safe. Authorities believe they used that path that goes between the lighthouse and the cliff. Due to this latest double-death, authorities are planning to remove the path. It appears that the path does nothing more than encourage people to walk along it bringing them to an unsafe area of the cliff’s edge.

People see the path and think that it must lead somewhere, so they take that route, said one Portugal police officer. They climb the fences, not realizing they are put there for a reason, which is to save people’s lives.

The children were traumatized and were taken to counselors. They were then placed in the custody of a Polish diplomat. Apparently this ill-fated selfie attempt is just one of recent “dangerous pictures and selfies” taken in the same area.

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