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Couple in dumpster picked up by garbage truck survive

A couple in Spokane, Wash. were inside of a dumpster when a garbage truck came and picked it up to empty it. According to a video report by GeoBeats, the couple along with their dog had been "sleeping in the dumpster" when the garbage truck lifted up their makeshift bedroom and emptied its contents into the back of his truck. Shortly after, the man driving the truck heard screaming and pulled the truck over.

Fortunately, the truck driver did not run the compactor with the two people inside. Police were called to the scene and everyone was okay. They were taken to a nearby hospital as a precaution but have since been released.

As for why the couple had been sleeping in the dumpster -- well that wasn't immediately known. It is presumed that the couple is homeless, but who knows? It could have been a "dare" or part of some strange fetish.

More on this bizarre story in the video above.

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