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Couple charged with cruelty after muzzled dog dies in heat in York, South Carolina

Gracie , just one of the animals needing a home at York County Animal Shelter
Gracie , just one of the animals needing a home at York County Animal Shelter
York County Animal Control

It only takes a few hours  for summer and day time temperatures to get really hot in the piedmont of North and South Carolina.  And in that time an animal can die a slow agonizing death if they cannot cool their bodies,.  That is what happened to a lab , left muzzled in a York, South Carolina yard.

According to York county officials, the couple who owned the dog had left it unable to drink or pant  by attaching a muzzle to it's face.  Neighbors saw the dead dog and called authorities.  When they arrived they found many dogs, nearly 20 in substandard conditions. They were confiscated by York authorities and taken to the York County Animal Shelter.  Please visit their website to find these and other animals needing  a forever  home.

Vickie McDonald and Joseph Ward have been charged with animal cruelty.  They were caught.  There are others who will let their dogs over heat and possibly die but because they don't have neighbors, no one will know.  This is a serious summer time topic that journalists need to address on a regular basis.  Many pet owners are just not aware of the importance of shade, and  fresh water for any animal relegated to the outdoors in the summer.


  • Pat, Charlotte Healthy Living Examiner 4 years ago

    It is so terrible that this could happen to an innocent creature.