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Couple: Catholic church asking parishioners to house illegals, stay silent

On Tuesday, a retired doctor and his wife told radio talk show Rush Limbaugh that the Archdiocese of San Bernardino has decided to absorb the flood of illegal immigrants by asking parishioners to take them into their homes. Moreover, the couple said, the church asked them to stay silent about the idea.

Protesters in Murrieta.
Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

"They have made the decision that they're going to absorb the immigrants that are coming through because the federal government called the bishop's office on Monday and they're gonna be busing these immigrants to our communities and asking us to open our homes and to house them for up to a month," said a woman identified as "Ann." She also told Limbaugh the church said it would reimburse them and directed them not to speak to anyone, especially the press.

On Monday, the day Ann claims the government called, the diocese issued a tweet saying it had held a meeting to "begin planning for ministry to refugees." According to the tweet, the meeting was attended by representatives of the "parish, pastoral center" and Catholic Charities.

The Press-Enterprise also said Tuesday the diocese has three parishes ready to help with illegal immigrants processed and released from the Murrieta station. Diocese spokesman John Andrews, however, refused to identify the parishes in an apparent effort to keep protesters away.

“We have seen what has happened in Murrieta, and at this point we are going to decline to say where they are,” he said. “Once our ministry starts it’s going to be obvious, but for now we are going to decline” to reveal their location.

Ann told Limbaugh her husband, Eddie, is a retired doctor with grave concerns about the move. Eddie told Limbaugh doctors and nurses are being ordered not to speak about the medical aspects of what many see as an invasion of illegal immigrants. He also expressed concerns about the diseases being brought into the country.

While the couple expressed empathy for the illegal immigrants, they told Limbaugh the idea of housing them in private homes is not a good one, considering the government caused the problem and has facilities available at military bases. Limbaugh responded by saying the government has basically "won" the propaganda effort to make Americans believe nothing can be done to stop the flood of illegal immigrants.

"Okay, so they've won. It doesn't matter what's happened after they get in. Once they have coerced everybody into thinking that what they have to do is make it okay after they get here, there's never gonna be an end to it," he said.

"That's the big concern," Eddie said. "They told us that this was gonna last for 30 days, but many of us are scratching our head going, 'Thirty days? I just can't believe that's gonna be cast in concrete.' We know that it's gonna go beyond 30 days, and it's gonna go on and grow and grow and grow, unless this stops."

But, Limbaugh added, the flood won't stop because the government doesn't want it to. And, he said, while there's lip service being paid to the idea, there's no real effort underway to make it stop.

"It's understandable that when churches are called upon to be charitable, that they would do it," Limbaugh said. He also called it a "smart move on the part of the Regime."

"Not gonna have too many churches say 'no' to a request for charity, but then they are turning around and asking parishioners to temporarily house some of these people, and you pay for it on the promise that you'll be reimbursed," he added. Eddie agreed, telling Limbaugh there's a FEMA facility literally 10 miles away.

Ultimately, Limbaugh added, Obama's goal is the government that results from being overwhelmed by illegal immigrants being transferred across the country. Worse yet, he said, the government is not treating the situation as an emergency.

"Everybody now is focused on, 'Okay, what do we do with these people?' Look, I understand you just can't ignore them and leave them to the wolves. Don't misunderstand. But I don't get the acceptance. I don't get the idea that there's no end to this. I understand what Obama's doing. He's trying to get Hispanic numbers up; he's trying to put pressure on Republicans to vote for amnesty before the November elections," he said.

Video of the exchange can be seen above.

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