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Couple behind Las Vegas shooting kicked off Bundy’s ranch

Couple responsible for Las Vegas shooting kicked off Bundy ranch.
Couple responsible for Las Vegas shooting kicked off Bundy ranch.
Sheriff's office

The married couple who are responsible for the shooting in Las Vegas were kicked off the ranch owned by Cliven Bundy. The ranch is where anti-government protesters stood up to federal agents earlier this year. During the shooting in Las Vegas, three people were killed, two of which were police officers.

Ammon Bundy spoke with the Associated Press and revealed that the couple, Jerad and Amanda Miller was kicked off his father’s ranch this spring. They had only been on the ranch a few days. Ammon stated that it was the couple’s behavior that prompted their eviction from the ranch.

He went on to say that they were “very radical” and did not “align themselves” with the main issues of the protestors. “Not very many people were asked to leave. I think they may have been the only ones.”

Assistant Sheriff Kevin McMahill revealed that the two suspects followed an ideology that was of “militia and white supremacists” and considered law enforcement as “oppressors.” Police believe that the Las Vegas shooting was an isolated event and are still trying to determine the motive.

Two police officers were sitting at a CiCi’s Pizza in a strip mall having lunch when Jerad and Amanda Miller walked up and shot them at point-blank range. Both officers, Alyn Beck, 41, and Igor Soldo, 31, were killed leaving behind wives and children.

At the time of the shooting, Jerad Miller yelled, “This is a revolution.” Both of the Millers fired multiply shots at Beck. They then placed a yellow flag note that said, “Don’t tread on me” and a swastika on the officer’s bodies according to McMahill.

The suspects fled the strip mall on foot and entered a Wal-Mart. Upon entering the store, Jerad Miller fired a single shot. Joseph Wilcox, 31, an armed patron in the Wal-Mart confronted Jerad Miller. Wilcox was unaware at the time that Amanda Miller was with Jerad. She shot and killed Wilcox.

Sheriff Doug Gillespie stated, “Joseph died trying to protect others.” The Millers raced to the rear of the store as terrified customers fled the store. They waited for a fire fight with police officers. While gunfire was exchanged, Amanda Miller ended up shooting and killing her husband before shooting herself.

Ammon Bundy stated that his family “has had no quarrel” with the Las Vegas police. He also disavowed the actions of the Millers. Bundy said, “The only thing worse than tyranny is anarchy, and we certainly recognize that.”

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