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Couple appeal for help finding dog's killer on Craigslist

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Shadow was a beloved family pet who went missing on January 11, 2014. Less than 24 hours later, Shadow's owners found him shot and dumped in a ditch. With no known leads, the couple has posted an appeal on Craigslist and started a Facebook group, in hopes of finding out who killed their dog. Shadow was only 10 months old. The ad reads as follows:

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On January 12, 2014 Our dog Shadow was found Shot annd dumped in a ditch like trash. Missing only for 24hrs please help us find who did this. Shadow meant the world to me. He was only 10months old. This is his story.....

Shadow was our dog. He went missing on Saturday the 11th of January. When we got home from work Shadow was no where to be found. We looked and looked and called his name for hrs. Later we went to bed not that I slept that much. I was hoping and praying that he would be home in the morning.

My husband got up and looked and Shadow was still not home. I was crying and losing hope that he would come home. Shadow had never been gone this long. I began to think that he was taken or was dead by now. We got showers and were off to church. We looked on the roads thinking he may have been hit by a car. We were driving down the road and we saw him in a ditch about 5 miles from home. I was overwhelmed with grief. I thought he was hit by a car. The road he was on was a country road that cars flew down. My husband was backing up when I said just stop. I ran to him thinking he may still be alive. He wasn't. I thought a car had hit him. But then I noticed his collar was gone and his tongue was toward the sky and not in the dirt toward the ground. Shadow was dumped there. When we got him in the truck his shoulder and chest had been blown out. Shadow was shot to death. Someone shot my dog, took his collar, and dumped him like trash in a ditch. When we got him home I washed his body to get the blood and mud out of his fur. When i flipped him and started to wash the other side of his body I felt something hard under his skin. I went a cut it out and it was part of the bullet. I took the bullet to work and showed to men at different times. One is in the military and the other is a hunter. They said the same thing that the bullet was a hallow pt 45 bullet, and it was a hand gun shot about 20 yards. This was powerful enough to explode and shatter his front leg. Shadow was a friendly dog and would walk up to anyone. They knew he was a dog not a coyote or a wolf and they new he was a pet not just a stray or a dog suffering not that they deserve this either. Shadow had a home and was loved a great deal. He was missing less than 24 hrs. They did not try and find his home and they didn't give him a chance to come home they just murdered him.

We may never know who did this to our dog. But we know what happened to him and he is home buried in his blanket with his toy. Shadow was a great dog and we miss him. I hope that this doesn't happen to anyone else's beloved pet. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Mommy and Daddy love you Shadow I will miss the way you danced with daddy and the way you would great us at our truck when we got home. I love you Shadow.

Any info will help. Their is a FB page for him called justice for Shadow please do not allow this to happen to other loved animals. Email me please and Share this message thank you