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County work not done

Supervisor Jacobs announces Waterfront Park May opening.
Supervisor Jacobs announces Waterfront Park May opening.
San Diego COunty

Supervisor Diane Jacobs yesterday told the State of the County audience the county will step up its work this year. Work levelling out the county development work will last, the large crowd at the COunty OPerations Complex on Overland Drive learned.

Offenders released by the state, however, stay a liability in SanDiego local law enforcement must handle. This year, the county will expand detention centers and add 400 jail beds. "Keeping communities safe remains our top priority," Jacobs said. Troubles released state prisoners and parolees make a tough job to handle multiply the work local sheriffs and law officers have to do. New sheriff stations will open in Rancho San Diego, Lakeside, and Pine Valley.

Hard work on the Waterfront Park on Harbor Drive set to open on May 10th makes clear, Jacobs remarked, Supervisor Ron Roberts project leadership helped bring the county development to a new stage in 2014. The 2014 year follows a dozen years the county put 20,000 workers to work on maintaining the county and finishing over 70 projects that filled county work teams with construction workers, engineers, and electricians.

"The state of our county government is good," Jacobs said. "But, I don't want to settle for good."

Canceling out old cost rises in county employee pensions stays routine work this year after a year of trimming costs. Having county employees take up a large share of the pension costs did a lot to balance out the pay ins and costs. "But," Jacobs said, " we have more work to do."

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