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County set to extend recycling programs

The agreement the county made with CalRecycle to run recycling programs funded with state funds to pass on disposing 75 percent the waste at landfills, and save room left at the landfill sites, will continue to spread recycling programs at businesses and multi-family housing. Board supervisors, this Wednesday, decided grant money the county Public Works takes from CalRecycle is worth another two years.

Work on guaranteeing the programs run at businesses and housing the county department funds preerve landfill space by increasing the use of waste recycling has not grown old. Two county recycling funding programs the state funded for five years will continue for two more years once CalRecycle approves the county's program extension application.

Businesses producing too much waste for the business to handle are required by state law to run a recycling program. Public Works funds the businesses work on handling the waste without loading up olandfills.

Recycling programs funded by the county at arks, schools, and recreation centers can keep adding to the use of recycled waste.

Recycling the county programs fund are expected to protect public health and safety by handling waste without risk of polluting the public.

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