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County operations to step up

SD County (picture, grpahis, and letters); Adam Benjamin (layout)
SD County (picture, grpahis, and letters); Adam Benjamin (layout)
Improvements to county work continue under the county's 2014-15 Operations Plan.

With cash available to spend on green projects, and "world class" services, the county gets ready to increase spending to 5.06 billion dollars after aqccepting CAO Helen RObbins-Meyers' recommended operations plan for fiscal year 2014-15 on Tuesday, May 6th. A 1.6 percent increase in spending in the CAO's plan will start up new jobs in county government.

But, the county's contribution to economic progress in San Diego county stays cautious. "The job outlook is improving," Robbins-Meyers said, "but layoffs continue both in small business and in our largest corporations."

World class service to San Diegans leads county goals for its government employees' work. RObbins-Meyers stood up for the new county deal with its citizens, "County employees are now involved with and care about the communities we serve." County employees count for 16,027 workers in the county's 232,900 person government workforce for 2014-15. The increased spending the Board of Supervisors takes up for its final decision on a plan in late June tallies up spending on staff 2.5 percent higher.

Most staffing money, over four-fifths, gets spent on public safety and health and human services.

Work on adding facilities to the county's criminal justice detention and prevention system sets up major facilities openings during the 2014-15 fiscal year. Both the East Mesa Reentry Facility and the first part of the San Diego County WOmen's Detention and Reentry Facility will open.

A new firefighting practice, volunteer firefighters' team work with the Cal FIRE forestry and firefighting workers, centered at the new Boulevard fire station opneed this fiscal year, will strengthen the county's public safety work.

Library staff will take new positions at the net-zero energy library the county is building in Alpine.

San Diego's county employees will not miss out on the rise in county spending. The plann is to put employees to work by investing 37.7 percent of county spending in salaries and benefits.

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