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County operations budget increases

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Tuesday, the County Board returned to work on the county operations plan, and, moved ahead with an increase in the budgets planned for the next two fiscal years. The fiscal year 2014-15 budget total now stands at 5.08 billion dollars.

The COunty CAO recommended the operations plan in May. A plan with enough funded county work to restore county services. During budget revision work, the county added money to the community services and police services budgets. COunty officials now count on enough revenue to fully restore the services San DIego county resident slook forward to in their communities.

Staff was added to both community services and police services. The county will spend state police grant money on police operations.

Progress fully recovering from the lean budget years expereinced at 1600 Pacific Highway during the recesison will take a larger step forward than the CAO planned in May. Proerty value sin the home markets and the business markets continue to improve. TOurism stays are on the rise again this year.

The county revised the amounts of money expected from property taxes and the transient occupancy tax in May after the CAO made her recommendation. Higher than expected revenues will add money to the operations budget.

Capital programs also get more money in 204-15.

Shortfall budget spending is not expected to return. The county will have one-half a percent more money to spend inthe budget than the CAO recommended for the May operations budget. Revenue increases are not expected to stop in the next fiscal year. The revised 2015-16 budget has a higher increase in planned spending.

County officials will continue deliberations on the county operations budget into Summer. A final budget gets approved in August.

THis is a Center Line Policy Alert.