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County invites San Diegans to get blood pressure check

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Old, or young, San Diegans have an opportunity, Friday the 14th, to stand in line and get a free blood pressure check. County volunteers will measure blood pressure at over 200 locations across the county.

Supervisor Diane Jacobs said, "We are encouraging every SAn Diegan to get a free blood pressure check." Call 2-1-1, or, visit the Love Your Heart webpage at, to find the nearest screening location, and, know the hours to show up.

Volunteer emergency personnel and nurses, and, other volunteers working for the county and its 90 plus partners, will take the San DIegans standing in line. Short distances are typical to get to a screening location. Fire stations. Libraries. Community centers. Health clinics. Businesses. And, county facilities. All take in a local who comes in from a nearby community block.

Heart disease, the leading cause of death in the U.S., in San Diego, stays the second leading cause of death. County Health Director Nick Macchione advised San Diegans to take care of their health, "Valentine's Day is a strong reminder to get your blood pressure checked, especially if you have other health risks." At any age, obesity, high cholesterol, and diabetes can put a person at risk. A family history of heart disease can also cause doubt a person lives risk free.

The blood pressure screenings "help residents take charge of their health," the county officially tells the public. Matters of the heart last, year in, year out.

Love Your Heart campaign volunteers take in San Diegans who keep a watch over their health. "Love your heart, by getting a free blood pressure check," Jacobs reminded locals.

This is a Center Line Policy Alert.