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County Executive Kamenetz issues ‘Clean Green 15 Challenge’

Baltimore County Public Schools are challenged to fight litter!
Baltimore County Public Schools are challenged to fight litter!
Courtesy BreadandCheese Creek

Family, friends, sports teams, community groups, various clubs and others interested in a clean environment were invited to participate in the Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) environmental challenge, “Clean Green 15 Challenge.”

County Executive challenges students and residents to fight litter
Courtesy of Kamenetz for Co.Exec. Campaign

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz joined with the Superintendent of BCPS, Dr. Dallas Dance announcing the invitation for everyone to join the fun, to improve their neighborhoods and to clean-up the environment. It was stated that this challenge was a very positive anti-litter program being held in May and June. It’s primary goal is to spruce up the area, help the environment, and to encourage children to participate in protecting their environment. Of course, the goal also includes encouraging adults to get involved as well.

The “Challenge” included an incentive. Participants of the Team BCPS Clean Green 15 Litter Challenge, could also help one of our local Baltimore County public schools win some cash. At stake are $2,000 or $4,000 grants for a school-based environmental projects.

Each school and local group was challenged to set-up a Clean Green 15-minute litter pick-up event. Each school could decide where, who and how as well as how often they would do these 15 minute pick-ups. Each group and location would then report how many bags of trash were collected at each location and which school would receive credit for that pick-up.

The Baltimore County Public Schools Clean Green 15 Challenge details are available on the BCPS website.

The County Executive and School Superintendent also thanked everyone in advance for participating in the challenge and for being a positive role model within their community to eliminate litter.

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