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Country Two Step With The Amazing Tom Teven Sat Aug 24th

Tom Teven
Tom Teven
Tom Teven @ Strummers Village Tavern

This upcoming Saturday August 24th afternoon from 3 to 5 PM at the local winery and bar Strummers Village Tavern (3780 S. Fourth Ave.) Tom Teven will be performing great country music songs. This is a recurring event scheduled for every Saturday afternoon featuring the amazing Tom Teven playing great country music live for Strummers attendees. Since the venue is a bar attendance will be restricted to legal adults 21 and up. If you enjoy listening to Tom Teven play country music you should consider seeing one of his live performances. The best news of all is there is no admission fee or cover charge for tickets to hear him perform. However, as noted only legal adults may be allowed in with a photo ID that are at least 21. However, as noted this is a recurring event so if you can't make it this Saturday there are other ones scheduled. Strummers Village Tavern often has karaoke nights where anyone has prepared something and wants to sing can do so. If you haven't scheduled a time to sing though in advance you'll have to let someone who works there know and they'll let you know when you can go on. Strummers also has Karaoke with Jane Scott which is also a recurring musical event that occurs once a week every Monday night usually at 7PM. Strummers is the place to be for great music Monday nights and Saturday afternoons for anyone of legal age allowed to drink. For more information please call Strummers Village Tavern at (928) 782-1222.