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Country music reaches out to many

Country music, and its' artists, reach out and touch so many lives on a daily basis, it could be considered phenomenal. From the songs they write and perform, to the charities they support, the number of lives touched is countless.

Numerous individuals listen to country music daily, the songs they hear and listen to can be conformed to fit a specific circumstance or situation in many of their lives. The result of this connection can be seen in various ways. From someone who has just gone through a bad breakup, to someone who is in a hospital with a terminal illness.

Just like they touch the lives of their listeners, through their music, Country Music Artists, touch the lives of others by supporting numerous charitable organizations. Artists like;

These charities and the artists, who support them, are just to name a few. The caring and love shown can be seen not only in their music for their listeners, but can be seen by the smiles that they put on so many faces, through their charitable contributions and support. Without this support for numerous charities, these charities may not be able to serve as many as they do.

So the next time you pick up one of these artists albums, or the albums of numerous other country artists, think about the "domino effect," that you are setting in motion, and the way you are helping and supporting these and numerous other charities, and the smiles you are helping to put on the faces of many. So not only are you supporting your favorite country artist, you are supporting the lives and smiles of many others, along with the numerous artists in the Country Music Community.

To read more about these charities and the artists who support them, please visit,

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