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Country music community drawn to Michael Jackson's "This Is It" movie


The country music community including artists, songwriters, musicans, and radio personalities are offering their reviews of the Michael Jackson documentary "This Is It."

Julianne Hough

MJ movie was amazing so inspiring and motivating!!! Let's make this world a better place!!

Lisa Torres

Just saw "This Is It"... one word AMAZING!!!

Karen West

Just watched "This Is It", and you may think it's weird but I can totally see Johnny Depp playing Michael in a biopic.

Tayla Lynn

Michael Jackson is the man! Go see This Is It!  What an inspiration!

Shelly Fairchild

"THIS IS IT"...I have nothing more to say...

Victoria Shaw

I saw MJ's THIS IS IT last night...really amazing...but it made me angry too. They talked to him so timidly...

Shannon Mock

The Michael Jackson movie was really good. He was in amazing form both vocally and physically. It was sad to see his last days and know he is gone.

Erin Ashleigh
Just saw "This Is It" and it was awesome! Going home now to work on my Moonwalk ;-)
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