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Country living recycling the city shopping bag

They come in all shapes and sizes
They come in all shapes and sizes
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It is an amazing thing, but most city people do not realize that country people do not have garbage pick up as a rule. For the most part, those who live in the country must transport their own trash to the dump and pay a dumping fee to get rid of it. For this reason alone, you will find most country people are very economical and environmentally friendly, often reusing and recycling products that city people wouldn’t dream of reusing for anything, choosing instead to dump it into the trash or the recycling box, if that option is available.

This holds true of many things, including plastic products like shopping bags and bottles. These items manage to accumulate in everyone’s homes, but wise country people have found an impressive array of uses for these items.

Below you will find a list of plastic products and how country people are reusing them in their homes, gardens, and as crafting items.

Plastic Shopping Bags:

Use as rubber gloves to handle messy items around the house and in the garden
Use as doggy poop scoopers and disposal bags so that your litter doesn’t stink
Use as a diaper pail liner to contain the fragrant smell within
Use to crochet or weave a garden welcome rug that is weatherproof
Use to line trash collectors, pails and baskets, of all sizes
Use to wrap your paint roller and freeze when interrupted for the day
Use to transport dirty or soil/wet clothing in while traveling
Use to make a rain bonnet when gardening
Use to cover lawn furnishings and equipment seats
Use to pack a picnic luncheon in for a family outing
Use to cover the shoulders on good clothing that is rarely worn

These uses for these wonderful plastic bags are endless, so why not see how many uses you can add to this growing list.

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