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Country Donuts, Fried Goodness

signature chocolate roll
signature chocolate roll
Codi Bills

When I think of greasy foods, I think of fried foods. National Greasy Food Day falls on October 25th. With the sweet tooth that I have, and in honor of fried foods, I decided to visit a locally owned donut shop called County Donuts. Donuts are a classic fried food, or dessert I should say, that everybody loves.

County Donuts has been operating since the 1970's and has very loyal customers that have been stopping by on a daily basis since the beginning, and who share that tradition with the generations that follow them. After my visit I now know why the customers keep coming back-the quality is great! I was amazed at the size of each type of donut and the small price. I not only left there with a happy tummy, but a happy pocketbook as well.

Country Donuts is known for the original Tiger Tails, BSU Sprinkled, and Chocolate Roll. I went with the Chocolate Roll, a huge bar shaped donut with chocolate icing, topped with chocolate chips, and stuffed with chocolate chips. Who can go wrong with chocolate?! I loved it!

Made fresh daily, each donut is dense and actually has substance that you can taste with every bite. You will also be pleased to find homemade muffins, Baklava, and Monkey Bread on the menu. The owners and employees are proud of their product and it shows.

Be sure to stop in on October 30th, National Buy a Donut Day.

Country Donuts, Open 7 days a week at 6 AM

10358 Overland Rd.

Boise, ID 83709


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