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Country artist Elizabeth Lyons chats about her new summer singles with Examiner

New country artist Elizabeth Lyons, who was included in CMA Close Up’s “Who New to Watch in 2014” lineup, has unleashed her brand-new "Jeep!" single with the goal of it becoming a summertime-fun smash.

New country artist Elizabeth Lyons has two new singles on tap for fans and summertime fun.
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Described as "a fun, feel-good track," the song was co-inked by the blond songstress and her producer, Matt Nolen. And not surprisingly, Lyons had slated a slew of summer dates to promote the new single, as well as its soon-to-be follow-up track, "#PartyRules," which she co-wrote with Dan Swinimer.

Set for release June 22, "#PartyRules" represents Lyons' carefree nature and love of life shine, both of which spill forth on her self-titled EP, which features six numbers penned by Lyons. Following its late 2012 release, the EP charted No. 42 on the National Country Album iTunes chart in under 24 hours and remained in the top 200 for a week before debuting at No. 10 on Billboard’s Heatseekers East North Central chart.

The EP's freshman single, "Everything Tonight," which Lyons co-wrote producer Nolen and Grammy-nominated songwriter Ryan Tyndell, charted No. 96 on the MusicRow chart and the video for the track, directed by Mason Dixon ("Barefoot Blue Jean Night" and "The One That Got Away" by Jake Owen), charted at No. 8 on iTunes Top Country Music Videos chart and at No. 18 on iTunes Top Videos chart for all genres.

Since then, the EP has sold more than 73,000 downloads and has had some 8,100-plus streams on SoundCloud, making Lyons' indie debut impressive, to say the least.

Recently, Lyons took time out to field a few questions about her latest single releases, "Jeep!" and "#PartyRules," for Examiner readers. The following is from that June 12 interview.

Q: How did the new music evolve or come about on your debut release?

EL: "In high school, all my friends--Lizzie, Genny, Hillary (and) Anna--had Jeeps! ... I got a Jeep Wrangler a few years after getting my license. On Friday nights, we’d drive around in Jeeps until we found somewhere to go. I loved chasing down boys or blaring loud music driving down Sheridan Road.

"When I sing 'barn party out in the sticks,' I automatically think of my family and I spending every 4th of July on my aunt and uncle’s property, (which is) beautiful and peaceful countryside in Minnesota! My cousin Elisa posted a picture of a poster listing the '#PartyRules' for a barn party on her Instagram, I took a screenshot of it, and I was like this idea would make for a killer song!"

Q: What was the feel or vibe you were going for?

EL: "Most country songs are about trucks, but where I come from we all rode around in Jeeps! I’ve found sometimes the easiest therapy is to drive around with the windows down and music cranked up! I wanted to create a happy vibe and bring back good memories!

"One of my mottos is 'work hard and play hard.' After graduating from Vanderbilt and spending four years in college, I worked really hard, but there should also be time to have some fun. I wanted to sing about having fun. Its important to do both."

Q: Was there any rationale or thought process behind the timing for the new music's release?

"I associate songs with my summers. I remember Kenny Chesney’s 'Keg in the Closet' was when my high-school baseball team went to state in the beginning of summer. Or Taylor Swift’s 'Our Song' the first summer I got my license. I hope people can put memories to my new summer songs.

"Plus, I’m opening for some of my favorite country acts like Luke Bryan, Cole Swindell and Chase Rice. The tour support will give me the opportunity to reach fans I haven’t reached yet and to give my fans who’ve been with me from the beginning something fun to make memories to this summer. I want to look out into the crowd and make them happy!"

To learn more about the Nashville-based Lyons' upcoming tour dates, including a June 19 show in Nashville at the Omni Hotel, as well as her June 24 performance with Luke Bryan and others, please access her official website. To follow Lyons on social media, access her Twitter page or Facebook.

  • Video bonus: To eye the first single from Lyons' debut EP, simply access the clip embedded with this post.
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