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Countess LuAnn return to 'RHONY' & goes undercover for 'Celebrities Undercover'

Everyone’s favorite Countess, is coming back to your television screens tonight! Countess LuAnn marks her return tonight on “The Real Housewives of NYC” and Oxygen’s newest hidden camera show, “Celebrities Undercover.”

Countess LuAnn return to RHONY and goes undercover for Celebrities Undercover tonight!
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LuAnn is no stranger to the acting world, she has made the leap to network scripted television with roles on Royal Pains and Law & Order: SVU and in theatre with Celebrity Autobiography. Known and admired for her distinctive style, LuAnn has signed a multi-layered deal for a lifestyle brand called The Countess Collection which includes clothing, jewelry, home and other products, which will be here this May, check out her website for more details! had the opportunity to chat with her about all things housewives, and what it was like to take a step back this season, what she really think about Ramona, and what she really thinks of all the drama. You can catch LuAnn’s return on “The Real Housewives of New York City” tonight only on Bravo at 9:00 p.m. ET. Then you can catch LuAnn as she goes undercover as Donna onCelebrities Undercover” tonight at 10:30/9:30c only on Oxygen. Read the full interview below:

Examiner: How are you?

Countess LuAnn: “I am doing great, I am going to be featured on the new show ‘Celebrities Undercover today.”

Examiner: What can you tell me about the episode that you’ll be featured on?

Countess LuAnn: “I go disguised as this woman named, Donna. The other women in the group thinks that Donna is with the group of ladies to go on a platinum tour of the ladies from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills homes. Donna is very tacky, newly rich, and new to Beverly Hills. I am completely disguised during the tour and some of the ladies are very rude to me during the episode, because I look like that tanning mom (laughs). It was an awesome experience and they had no idea it was me, I really had the best time doing it. It was so nice, I came back to the city and did an improv class.”

Examiner: How does it feel to be taking a step back this season?

Countess LuAnn: “It’s fine, because I had to get my contract together which is why I was late starting in and it worked out perfectly. I have had the opportunity to do some things I really enjoy, such as, acting and now working on my apparel line, which will be coming out this spring.”

Examiner: Ramona has stated that she is the only remaining original NY housewife, what is your response to that?

Countess LuAnn: “That’s not true, I don’t know what she’s talking about, and she probably had too much Pinot Grigio. I am one of the original cast members as is she.”

Examiner: What can viewers expect from you this season?

Countess LuAnn: “Viewers will see me in The Hamptons, doing some double dating with one of the girls, a fabulous trip that we go on, and of course drama; between Jacques and myself and viewers will see some of that on the show.”

Examiner: How are doing after the breakup?

Countess LuAnn: “It’s hard to start over, but I am doing okay. I am looking for Mr. Right, and it has been kind of slow going for me. I am having fun with dating right now, and I am really in a good place.”

Examiner: What are your thoughts on some of the drama that has been going on this season?

Countess LuAnn: “Right now, it is revolving around this book and who wrote it and who didn’t write it. I love that on our show it is verbal fights as opposed to the physical stuff on some of the franchises. Right now the drama is really on #BookGate.”

Examiner: Who did you really click with this season?

Countess LuAnn: “Heather and I are really good friends, and I got to really know her last season. Also, there is a good change in the situation between Carole and myself. I also found that Kristin came in and made a great addition to the show.”

Examiner: How is your relationship with Sonja?

Countess LuAnn: “I absolutely love Sonja! She is the life of the party.”

Examiner: What can viewers expect from you and Ramona’s relationship this season?

Countess LuAnn: “There’s always drama between us, but now it is less problematic, simply because she has other people to pick on now. Her focus has shifted off of me (laughs).”

Examiner: How was it to film in the summer this season?

Countess LuAnn: “There is more fun to be had in the summer, we get to be outside and really show viewers more of New York. We get to wear prettier clothes, and it has been more fun and sexy.”

Examiner: How would you describe this season using four adjectives?

Countess LuAnn: “This season is; witty…fun…dramatic…and sexy.”

Examiner: You’re putting your Hamptons home on the market, how come?

Countess LuAnn: “I love my house and I’ve been there for a long time, but I’ve actually found a place on the water in Sag Harbor. I’ve always wanted to live on the water and it’s a smaller property. My son can have a boat, he loves to fish and waterski, so it’s going to be a life change for us. I’m sad to see it go, but on the other hand I am ready for a fresh start.”

Examiner: Lastly, what can your fans expect from you outside of the show?

Countess LuAnn: “I am working on this apparel lane which launches in May and people can get updates on it by visiting I am doing a home collection and accessories, this is just the beginning for me."