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Countertop Paint

Laminate countertops looking dull, scratched and in need of a face lift?  Several new products will make this process easy for the DIY person and very inexpensive.

RustOleum countertop paint comes in 16 different colors. The paint is available in quart cans which will cover approximately 25 linear feet.  Their website video shows exactly how to apply the paint for best results. 

Modern Masters comes in 5 colors which is a solid base coat and color chips to add on top of the base color to give the granite look.  This paint comes in kit form which includes sanding stone, paint and chip dispenser.

Giani is granite paint for countertops.  It is available is many colors and comes in kit form. 

Some of these are available at the local home improvement store, and some are available at specialty hardware stores, but all are available in the Houston area.  Go to each website and view the how to video as well as the available colors.  Even using the most expensive of these, the cost to update your countertops will be a fraction of the cost of replacing them.  One of the great things about these products are, because they are very low cost, if you decide to change colors in the kitchen it's no problem to redo the counter tops.  These websites also provide examples of actual customer results.

Before starting this project go online and read independent reviews of these products.  This will bring to light any problems DIYer have encountered and how you can avoid them.

Good luck updating your countertops!


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