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Counterfeit vs real

If you want to avoid who and what are counterfeit and bogus, just keep your eyes focused on what is real and true.

In currency there are lots of counterfeit dollars and bogus coins in circulation. The same can be viewed in news media thinking.

Sadly, the editorial board of The Washington Post, through the musings of its primary District editorial writer, Ms. Jo-Ann Armao has been printing a lot of false currency.

Ms. Armao’s currency of thought has been of bogus intelligence and counterfeit logic to impact April 1st District Democratic primary and to derail the Democratic re-nominations of D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray and Council member At-large Anita Bonds.

In today’s technology, bad people are finding it easier to circulate counterfeit dollars on unsuspecting people with special appeal to those who want to be viewed as progressives. They have access to so much hi-tech equipment that it almost makes it impossible to see the difference between what is fake and what is real.


In looking for true local “political progressives,” District voters can protect themselves from receiving counterfeit intellectual currency by staying focused on what is real.

While Ms. Armao and The Washington Post editorial board circulate phony characterizations of their leadership, D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray and Council member At-large Anita Bonds are real and progressive.

While Ms. Armao and The Washington Post have to flip-flop in their editorial/journalism principles and standards to circulate fraudulent currency of ideas, Mayor Gray and Council member At-large Bonds stand true to their mission of self-less commitment to all the people of the District with authentic values of service.

Mayor Gray and Council member At-large Bonds have dedicated their lives to helping District’s youth, seniors, those less-fortunate in our society. They are not counterfeit or bogus currency.

Not only are they real in their service and dedication to all District residents, they are real and true progressives in District politics.

Ms. Armao and her accomplices do not really support change in the “game” of District politics. Rather they are only appealing for a change of dealers not the game. Like big-time casino owners Ms. Armao wants the political odds to be in favor of the house/casino - The Washington Post.

If Ms. Armao and the editorial board of The Washington Post were truly fair and honest, they would have made editorial endorsements among the Republican, DC Statehood Green, and Libertarian party candidates.

Their goal is not to have in elective office true and "progressive" leaders. Their purpose is to have the political odds in the District leadership to favor the house/casino - The Washington Post.

The political "progressives" Ms. Armao finds comfortable in District leadership are individuals who can be controlled and manipulated by The Washington Post.

As a council member Ms. Bonds legislative record shows support for budget increase for affordable housing, elimination of senior property taxes seniors, permanent and rapid rehousing of homeless families, pay increase for District employees, increased funding to address disparities in low performing schools, and revisions to domestic abuse investigative procedures.

Under Mayor Gray's leadership the District’s unemployment rate dropped from above 11 percent. to 7.6 and nearly 34,000 private-sector jobs have been created, the District’s Fund Balance is at the highest level in its history – $1.75 billion, public school enrollment in the District increase to over 83,000 students, spending on homeless services has increased by 41 percent and local funding for permanent supportive housing has increased by 127 percent,

One of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s best sermons, "The Drum Major Instinct" is about servants and greatness. He said, “True leadership is not bestowed. You must earn it. True greatness comes not by favoritism but by fitness.”

Mayor Gray and Council member At-large Bonds are fit for service to the people of the District. They are real and true progressive leaders for the District of Columbia.

Beware of Ms. Armao and The Washington Post circulating bogus intelligence and counterfeit logic.

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