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Countdown to Journey into Nyx: Mark Rosewater's hint

Watch him finally gain the Naya color he could never attain before.

Journey into Nyx preview weeks are due to begin in about an hour and a half, and despite the comparatively low fanfare due to timing (PAX East doesn't occur until next week and the trailer hasn't been shown yet) the entire Magic community is on its tiptoes in excitement. Everyone is deluging Mark Rosewater with hopeful questions on his Tumblr blog - and he's even answering some of them.

When rellimnoraa asked, "Is there any out of context trivia about your Monday spoiler to get us hyped up, for once. I have a feeling very few of your tumblr readers are excited or aware that spoilers start, Monday, for that new set -- what's it called, again? Nick's journey? Who is nick, anyway?" Mark replied:

I’ll give this cryptic clue. If the regular readers of Blogatog are not enamored of my preview card tomorrow night, I will be very surprised.

The consensus about what this means falls in one of three ways: Either this is a tribal lord for a creature type that has yet to have one; it's a "positive emotions red" card for those who want the color to have more mechanical and flavorful depth, as in a Cupid or Aphrodite love deity-like card; or, it's the planeswalker that Blogatog readers have been asking about for literal years - Ajani.

Since Ajani is known to be in the set, and flagship planeswalkers are a popular way to kick spoiler seasons off, it may well be Elspeth's faithful Leonin friend, in his green-white form, finally putting the Blogatog "where is the green-white planeswalker" questions to rest.

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