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Countdown Timer for Sites

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For many sites that have sales, discounts and bargains, many people search the net to locate these. They become frustrated when they click and those codes are already expired that are on the sites that they find.

Blogs have giveaways that show up in search engines making others frustrated the same.

Eventually those people become frustrated in searching. They have issues with trying to find things that are up-to-date. Giveaways have ended, sales are no longer active and these things become irritating to them.

With the new "Countdown Timer" on these sites, there isn't any need for this. The site owner or admin can put the HTML coding into the page at the bottom to where they can see when the discounts or giveaways, codes too, will end. This allows them to know when to put "Ended" in the title for those that are searching. They can also remove those pages.

The "Countdown Timer" is in the form of a widget. Those can also be used for Holidays such as anniversaries, Birthdays or even openings for when a site goes live.

The widget is made in simple steps. In the back panel, you choose the button style, if you'd like to use days or minutes, what title you want it to have along with how long you want it to be live for. There are a few other settings, but those depend on the level of your account.

If you're not familiar with HTML coding, don't worry. They'll create the HTML coding for you to just copy and paste into the page that you're creating.

The different levels of packing depends on your need. The monthly account is for 3 countdown timers and costs $7 monthly. The Gold monthly allows you 10 countdown timers at $17 a month. The Pro account is for $27 per month with unlimited countdown timers.

The site goes live in 2 days... July 8th, 2014. Be sure to set up your account before then. Many already have while they were in Beta mode.

We were allowed access to the site with an account to write this article. All thoughts are our own and no others. No other compensation has been given or is intended. This is in guidelines for the FTC.


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