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Council to decide on Drought Watch Condition

Adam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin
City councilmembers to decide at City Hall regular water use out of line in SanDiego.

Summer water use plans might again be spoiled by a City declaration of a Drought Response Level 1 condition. Voluntary water saving measures San DIegans used in 2008 after an August declaration will again become a rule of thumb in the city.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer, last Wednesday, announced the city's plan to declare the Drought Watch Condition. The city council will vote on the plan to get San DIegans' attention on the local drought.

"I want to thank San Diegans for continuing to save water and remind them that conservation is paramount as we continue to diversify our City’s water supply to gain water independence,” Faulconer said. “Water conservation should be a way of life regardless of whether a drought or emergency is officially declared.”

The Metropolitan Water District already decided a Level 1 drought watch condition in February, following Governor Jerry Brown's declaration of a California drought. During a drought watch, citizens are educated on water conservation and use measures and made aware of the impact of their water use on the drought conditiion.

MWD told the City of San Diego the region is on drought watch.

A level 1 drought declaration helps the city cut off a water shortage problem early. Voluntary water saving measures the city asks local residents and businesses to take keep the water supply the city depends on above low levels that can run out.

Citizens do their part in saving San DIego's water by irrigating landscaping, and washing cars, only on a few assigned days each week. They do not irrigate during rain. Hoses with a shutoff nozzle are used for watering lawns.

At construction sites, the builders use recycled, or non-potable, water.

The voluntary efforts citizens take up to prevent wasting water can make a Level 2 drought declaration unnecessary. During a Level 2 conditiion, the water saving measures become mandatory. Citizens who fail to take the actions are charged with a violation, and penalized.

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