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Council Oak Montessori School in Chicago offers a unique summer camp for ages 3 - 12

Council Oak Montessori School
Council Oak Montessori School
J. Lesauskis

Summer Urban Garden at Council Oak Montessori School welcomed its first children in 2008. It began as a small three-day program offered to children who attended Council Oak Montessori School during the school year. This summer, beginning June 21st, Summer Urban Garden will run five days a week and include both Council Oak students and children who do not attend the school.

The program uses Montessori principles and methodology to offer lessons in botany and science. Children spend most of their time outdoors experiencing nature.  A group of experienced Montessori teachers and assistants oversee the summer program, including Mrs. Julia Lesauskis (Lower Elementary Directress) who first spearheaded this project.

For information on the daily schedule, fees, and registration forms please click here or call the administrative office at 773-779-7606.