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Could your teen benefit from academic life coaching?

We are now offering Academic Life Coaching for high school and middle school students with Hayden Lee, a Certified Academic Life Coach. Hayden can teach your teen how to take active steps towards their academic and personal goals, sustain motivation, build their character, and develop their personal leadership style.

Help your teen develop a love of learning...
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Module 1: Understanding Your Learning Style
Three 75-minute sessions plus one 30-minute parent phone consultation

Description: In this module, the focus is on providing a foundation for creating a sustainable system for teens to get the grades they want without stressing out. They will discover their learning and academic thinking styles as well as their core motivation type. They will spend time reflecting on what they really want and identify how they might be getting in their own way. They will also learn how to create systems to make their lives easier and identify things to do differently to make a positive difference.

Module 2: Aligning Your Values with Action
Three 75-minute sessions plus one 30-minute parent phone consultation

Description: In this module, the focus is on increasing self-awareness and building continuity and flow between your teen's thoughts, emotions, and habits. We will cover concepts such as their limiting beliefs, assumptions, perspectives, and individual values, as well as how to make empowering decisions to honor their values. They will also have the opportunity to "meet" their Future Self and start creating action steps to work toward the vision of the life they want with confidence and increased motivation.

Module 3: Discovering Your Leadership Style
Four 75-minute sessions plus one 45-minute parent phone consultation

Description: In this module, the focus will be on personal leadership, which can translate into creating an outstanding college application. Leadership is not just about holding a "leadership position." Leadership is about doing what you believe in, doing it well, and doing it for a cause greater than yourself. We assist your teen in creating a vision: of what is possible, what they want to create, and the impact that they want to have on their community. Concepts covered include identifying their passions, empathy, leadership projects, and mission statements. It's about helping teens link their educational experience with a sense of purpose, passion, and fulfillment. At the completion of this module, clients will be able to readily answer the question "What is all my hard work for?"

*NOTE: Individual modules can be purchased separately, or in any combination, with 10-week Academic Success Coaching Packages offered at a 20% discount.


You may also want to consider this fun, interactive 3-week Academic Success Workshop which will empower your teen with tools to complete their semester with greater success and less stress:

Who: Teens 13+ (middle school and high school)
Date: Sundays, October 5th, 12th & 19th
Time: 11:15am – 12:45pm
Location: Santa Monica

For prices and scheduling, please contact:

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