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Could you survive in an undead-infested waste land?

Hackers 1, Road Construction Workers 0

A mixed-smell of rotting corpses, spoiled milk, and after party vomit litter the streets of downtown. Smoke from burnt buildings rise and darken the sky, the ashes falling and covering what’s left of the city in a mask of dust. Vermin litter the streets, digging in overturned garbage cans or shredding apart cereal boxes left behind in Aisle 9 of the nearby Super Wal-Mart. In the background, sirens wail ominously, warning all of the dangers that loom in the shadows of the ashes, but above all else there are the moans.

They are like nothing else you have ever heard before. They’re cries are of hunger and pain, of necessity for the taste of human flesh and guts, and they call out to the others. They can be heard from miles away, these moans, and just as a dog barking or a child crying generates more of these sounds, the moans generate more moans, and in turn, like clockwork, more of them appear.

It happens slowly at first, probably starts with a flu virus, something airborne most likely created by our own government as a new form of governing. The flu, with no known antibiotics, grows in abundance and takes with it more and more lives as the days and weeks and months begin to pass. By the third month, the flu will have evolved into a new strain and will cause a pandemic with wild riots and maniacs raiding pharmaceutical companies left and right.

Here in Madison, though, you’ll be safe, or so the mayor will say. Madison will be quarantined, he’ll say, until the flu has died off. Before this alleged quarantine can happen, of course, the flu will have made its way to the heart of the city, and no one will be safe. By the fourth month, the strand will have evolved again into a “regenerating dead tissue” strand, better known as the Zombie Virus.

Could you save yourself if this were to really happen today? Would you know where to go, who to trust, or even simply how much longer you could wait it out in that one bedroom, second floor apartment you’ve grown to love for so long? Do you have a plan? Let me be the first to say this: get one. It’ll help.

In the meantime, listen to what I have to say, read the tips, watch the clips, review the photos, and then you be the judge. And when the above scenario becomes your reality, and you’ve chosen to ignore the warnings and ignore the help, don’t forget I told you so..

Remember, always aim for the head. Always.

For more info: Go to,, and for more information about the road construction sign's "omnious" warning.


  • Goeken 5 years ago

    I'm not too sure if I could survive Z-Day, given that good firearms aren't cheap.

  • jedwards 5 years ago

    I'm not sure I'd survive either, but I'd go down fighting. This article is a great examply of descriptive writing. Great job, Nicole! Keep them coming!

  • manosteele 5 years ago

    Im prety sure we would all get finished off at some point but like jedwards said i would go down fighting like everyone should. I hope everyone gets to fire a gun a couple of times so if the day comes we have a chance. Headshots Bitches!!!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Iit is happening already in Miami.. Hey I think it's time for me to get a plan and some good shotguns.. Hope you all the best!!