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Could you have a mothers day in 2010?

Me and my mom!
Me and my mom!
Natalie LaRoe

It is clear these days that there are many ways to be a "single" parent - divorces, military mothers separated from their husbands, and the death of a spouse.  However, the choice of adopting as a single mother is still option for those who long to adopt.

When looking into adopting as a single mother, you may want to look into several things as listed below:

  • How old am I?

Many countries have a minimum age restriction. Foster care, however, may have a lower restriction if you choose to go that route.

  • Can you financially support a child?

Evaluate your budget and look into the requirements of different agencies. Some are less restrictive than others.

  • Do you have experience with mothering or caring for a child?

Don't be discouraged, there a numerous county and agency parenting classes available. You may also choose some time with a friend who has reputable child care techniques. Another option is to volunteer at a childcare center or a church program that offers a variety of ages you are interested in.

  • Is your housing sufficient?

This usually is not an issue unless you have an unsafe home or not sufficient space for a child. In foster care the space for a child in a bedroom is about the space of a twin bed.

  • What age is the best age for me to mother?

Each age or stage of development has its own special qualities. If you already are a parent, you most likely know how busy a new born and toddler is. A younger elementary child usually can do things for themselves but also give you the joys of being excited about the simple things in life.

With these things being said, give yourself the gift of having a mothers day! After all, it comes around every year just for you!

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