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Could you afford the world’s most expensive food?

Could you afford the world’s most expensive food?
Could you afford the world’s most expensive food?
Finances Online

Finances Online shared with me an infographic of the world’s most expensive foods. According to the source, many of the foods were created for fundraising programs. While the others, are really that expensive.

A reason they might be so pricey is because the chef sprinkled diamonds or gold as a side attraction. This can include a spoon or décor – nothing eatable. I agree with the source that this shouldn’t count. Anything can be expensive when you throw in diamonds.

Another reason for the pricey items is that the ingredients are rare or take a long time to cook. Take for instance Wagyu beef. “The cow where the beef comes from is massaged and fed on beer every single day of its short bovine life,” the source shares.

From ice cream to cake, here are the world’s most expensive foods. The following one-day feast costs more than what most Americans make in a year.

First-harvest Brisbane Mangoes from Brisbane, Australia – 12 mangoes auctioned for $50,000 in October 2010 as part of the annual fundraising event by the Brisbane market community.

One pound lobster covered with egg on a bed of fried potatoes and topped with 10oz caviar – available at Norma’s Restaurant in New York, NY for $1 thousand. A pretty pricey omellete.

Rare caviar from Iran sold in 24-karat gold tin can - $25,000. Available at Caviar house & Prunier in London, UK.

The Wagyu beef we mentioned earlier is $2,800 at Crafsteak restaurants in New York, NY.

Would you pay $29,900 for a slice of cake? Some did. A box with a piece of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s 1937 wedding cake auctioned in February 1998. To see the complete menu, visit Finances Online.

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