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Could US Air Force provide cover for Iranians in Iraq?

Screen shot of Obama in CNN discussing Iraq
Screen shot of Obama in CNN discussing Iraq
James George, CNN

This is a distinct possibility. The Iranians have provided support to Iraq by dispatching Iranian Revolutionary Guard troops on neighboring Iraq soil. The ISIL is aligned with Sunnis and Shiites need reinforcements. Therefore if the US deploys air and sea power to support Iraq, they may also be supporting Iranians. How about that for a twist of fate?

In the meantime, Shias are trying to reactivate their militias to defend the Iraqi government and national integrity.

By the way, the Iraqi military is performing miserably. Is that because the US did such a poor job of training them? These are relevant questions.

Here is the president live.

The terrorist threat in Iraq has been building for a year. “We will not be sending US troops.” This is not solely a military challenge. Iraqi leaders have failed by being too sectarian. The leaders must set aside sectarian divisiveness. Iraq leaders must solve the problem as the US cannot do it for them. The US doesn’t want to see Iraq fail and to permit terrorists to win. We cannot permit ISIL a safe haven.

The president said that he will be consulting closely with Congress. Shia and Sunni conflicts would be hard to stamp out, the president said. He believes that “mopping up” by outsiders isn’t going to solve the problems in Iraq.

He also said that Syria has no interest in our getting involved there.The ISIL is a threat there too. The potential for regional conflict has arrived, apparently.

“Iraq on the Brink of Civil War, Again—U.S. Troops Could Return Any Time

Ed Krayewski|June 12, 2014

Earlier this week, fighters from the Al Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS) overran Mosul, taking over the international airport there, provincial government offices, and army facilities. About 500,000 residents fled the city, and the insurgents now have control of most of Nineveh province, of which Mosul is the seat. The militants arrived at Mosul from Fallujah, which they seized at the beginning of the year, taking control then also of much of the Anbar province.”

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