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Could this candidate be the real answer for 2016 for America?

Conventional wisdom says Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat nominee for 2016 and that supposedly she will be quite difficult to defeat. For many Republicans, especially the Republicans In Name Only (RINO) who think the party needs to become Democrat Lite to win in 2016, the great hope for them was New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. While Bridge-gate might be a fairly small scandal, it might well be enough to decimate Christie's chances in 2016.

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Many conservatives have said we need another candidate who is a great communicator just like Ronald Reagan. There is just such a candidate. There is a candidate who can speak up for freedom and individual rights and the superiority of the free market over a centralized and government planned economy. There is one such candidate who can explain the simple wisdom of a free market health care system that is far superior to the failed government-planned and controlled ObamaCare system.

There is a candidate who can truly be a uniter, and bring real change and true hope, to this country that some people thought Barack Obama was in 2008. This candidate has a great background of personal accomplishment and success in his chosen field, and has a story that is quite inspiring. In fact, his story has already been told in this candidate's autobiography, which has also been made into an award-winning movie.

This candidate is not a professional politicians, and not a lawyer, but he is precisely the kind of citizen who would seek public office, as envisioned by our founding fathers. In fact, rarely have we seen a citizen candidate more qualified to be our president than this candidate.

This candidate has strong support among the African-American community as well as among Republicans, Democrats, and independent voters across the board. If this candidate were the GOP nominee, and got at least 20 percent of the African-American vote, and he's likely to get more than that, it become mathematically impossible for the Democrats to win the 2016 election no matter who they nominate, including Hillary Clinton. This candidate will also poll very strongly among Hispanic voters, far more so than Chris Christie would have. This candidate will also be the one candidate, no matter how much they try, who will not be marginalized and demonized by the liberal media.

This candidate is among the few who speaks adamantly against political correctness and stands up apologetically for traditional American values and American Exceptionalism. This candidate would stand for liberty and reduce the size and scope of government, cutting taxes and spending and reducing regulations so we'll see a real recovery that truly does create millions of private sector jobs. This candidate supports religious freedom and our Right to keep and bear arms, and will appoint judges and justices who uphold the Constitution rather than those who seek to shred it.

Who is this candidate? Dr. Ben Carson. Yes, Dr. Ben Carson. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are still quite young, they can run eight years from now. Perhaps the ideal candidate, the right man at the right time and place, is Ben Carson for president in 2016.

It's something to think about. If you want Ben Carson to run for president in 2016, you can sign a petition here urging him to run. They make a strong case for Ben Carson running for president. What do you think? Please comment below.

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