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Could these be nearly 150 year old long lost Lincoln funeral procession photos?

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After nearly a century and a half could these be long hidden photos of President Lincoln’s1865 funeral procession in New York City? According to Fox News, a Maryland man believes he has unearthed the either forgotten or lost photos taken by noted Civil War photographer Matthew Brady. The photos if true show President Lincoln’s funeral procession as it passes by New York City’s Grace Episcopal Church with his body in a horse-drawn hearse.

The possible find of the century was located by Paul Taylor, who is a retired accountant for the federal government. He claims that he secured the photos of Lincoln’s possible procession on an Archives Flick photo sharing website, reported Fox News.

By gazing at the photos one can easily determine that there is a great deal of excitement in the air with the crowded streets filled with onlookers as well as people packed on sidewalks and even in the area trees and on nearby roofs.

Many Civil War experts as well as enthusiasts are well aware that Brady’s photography studio was located in the general vicinity from where the photos were taken. In fact according to Fox News, the famed photographer’s studio was located directly across from the church where the funeral procession was passing.

Apparently fascinated by the photography find, Taylor examined the photographs and matched the church in the photograph with Grace Episcopal. After confirming the match he is said to have then contacted the National Archives.

History experts are not downplaying the seemingly historic find, of the photograph allegedly taken of the April 25, 1865 event in New York City. Yet Richard Sloan, who is an expert on the Lincoln funeral ceremonies, insists that there is still much studying to determine that these are in fact photos of Lincoln’s funeral procession.

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