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Could the Ukrainian Crisis Lead to a World Wide Economic Collapse?

Putting sanctions on Russia may not be the best idea. But what other alternative does the US have? To not do anything at all about the Ukrainian crisis would enable Russia to take control whenever and however they fell fit at any given time. But taking action would cause a ripple effect that could be felt across the entire world. There is reason to believe that the imposed sanctions on Russia by the US, could also cause a devastating effect on the world economy. So is there anyway or anyone who can stop Russia? Could all of this lead to an economic collapse in the near future?

The problem with Russia and the thing that has been holding back their military powers in the past is the fact that they had to rely on US dollars as a trade currency when it comes to selling assets such as oil. Many other countries has been facing this same delima. But there has been talk within the past couple of years, with nations around the world to make a move in dropping the US dollar and using another form of currency for trade. Just recently China and Russia in an effort to move away from the dollar made an agreement to allow their currencies to trade against each other, and their plan was to use the Ruble or the Yuan as international trade currency. But so far they haven't been able to successfully and fully move away from the US dollar.

But now that Russia has moved into the Ukraine and the US has threatened to place sanctions on Russia, Russia has vowed to give paybacks by hurting our economy. Right now Russia is holding a substantial amount of US dollars as well as China. If Russia decides they don't want our dollar anymore, for instance, they will send them back. China also holds a lot of US currency. If they send theirs back as well, this will cause the dollar value to fall, making it a bad investment for foreign investors.

China has already been reportedly urging other countries to drop the US dollar and go with the Ruble or Yuan. It may be possible then, that if Russia drops the dollar this will put a big economic hit on the dollar and many other nations may follow suit, seeing that the dollar is not worth as much as it once was. But what does the Bible say about all this?

Many people believe that in the book of Revelation, Babylon is the United States. It says that Babylon falls in one hour. The money becomes so worthless that they even throw their gold and silver into the streets. As the currency is dropped one nation at a time, it wouldn't take long for the US to fall economically. It could happen in one day as we had seen in 2008.

Russia having sanctions placed on them, does have the power to make the US fall. There is evidence that the US is worried about what Russia and China will do. Obama was on the phone this past week asking China if they will offer help in this Ukrainian crisis. So far there is no word on the answer from China. So what can the US do in this situation?

The fact remains that the US may now be backed into a corner in which there is no way out. Many oil exporting countries now like Libya are using other forms of currencies to export oil. Despite the US efforts to stop it from happening. The phenomenon continues to grow and Since Russia is a major oil exporter, they can cause gas prices to rise around the world, simply by cutting off or limiting their oil exports. They can prevent other countries from exporting oil as well. There are growing fears that Russia will cut off the natural gas supply to Europe driving up natural gas prices around the world. This could very likely lead to a world wide economic collapse. This world wide collapse will no doubt, give way to the rise of the beast (the Antichrist) and the New World Order or One World Government. This is the hour of trial (tribulation) that comes upon the whole world when the wrath of God is poured out.

Bible prophecy is coming to pass at an alarming rate. A time of trouble is coming unlike any other, and Jesus promised to save his people from the wrath of God that will soon be coming upon the entire earth. Don't miss out! Its coming, so get ready, ask Jesus into your heart and repent of your sins. Don't wait another minute as time is running out! Ask Jesus into your heart today!

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